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Certification and Warranties
pdf BGC's GECA Certified Plasterboard Products
pdf BGC Plasterboard Warranty

Product Range Guides
pdf Plasterboard Product Guide
pdf Fibre Cement and Innova Product Guide

pdf Ceramic Tile Underlay
pdf Compressed Sheeting
pdf CurveBoard
pdf Duracom
pdf Duragroove
pdf Duragrid Residential
pdf Duragrid Commercial
pdf Durafloor
pdf Stratum
pdf Duralattice
pdf Duraliner Plus
pdf Duralux Plus
pdf Duraplank
pdf Durascape
pdf Durasheet
pdf Duratex
pdf BGC Enviroboard +5
pdf BGC Enviroboard
pdf Finishboard
pdf Fire and Acoustic Guide
pdf Impactboard
pdf NuLine Plus
pdf Plasterboard and Cornice
pdf Silhouette
pdf Stonesheet
pdf Vinyl and Cork Underlay
pdf Water Resistant Plasterboard
pdf Exterior and Wet Area Base Coat and Top Coat Information Sheet
pdf Aluminium Accessories

Material Data Safety Sheets
pdf GMBA Safe Site Guidelines
pdf BGC Fibre Cement (Exterior Products)
pdf BGC Plasterboard (Interior Products)
pdf BGC Multi Purpose Joint Compound
pdf BGC Lightweight All Purpose Compound
pdf BGC Stud Adhesive
pdf BGC Base Coat
pdf BGC Top Coat
pdf BGC Water Resistant Taping Cement
pdf BGC Cornice Cement
pdf BGC Masonry Adhesive
pdf BGC Back Blocking Cement
pdf BGC Exterior & Wet Area Base Coat
pdf BGC Exterior & Wet Area Top Coat

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BGC Plasterboard
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